5 Regional Movies that Redefine Love

How many times have you read or even heard about regional cinema? Probably not a lot of times. There’s a lot happening in that sphere, so here are some extraordinary love stories that will redefine the meaning of love!

1. Asha Jawar Majhe – Labour of Love


Set in modern Kolkata, this movie should be watched at least once in your life time. This movie renders how love weaves within two people without the verbal or the physical touch. This Bengali silent movie tells us about a married couple who can see each other only in dreams because they work in opposite shifts. A must watch for all cinephiles.

2. Sairat


Sairat is one of the first Marathi heartbreaking love story which managed to cross 110 crores worldwide. Breaking the caste hierarchy the movie has a fisherman’s son and a politician’s daughter falling in love. The movie highlights the scourge of honour killings in the caste-ridden Maharashtrian society. This is the most amazing flick of the year, a must watch for all.

3. Masaan


This movie gives one of the most chilling experiences of 2015. A story of how four lives intersect along the Ganges, which gives insight to love, life and death. It’s a something you’ll have to watch to appreciate.

4. Maqbool


It’s extremely difficult to adapt a famous Shakespeare play and convert it into a movie that tells the story in an Indian way. There is no better way that Macbeth could reach the masses. This movie beautifully brings out the conflict between filal and sexual love. This movie should be in your must watch list!

5. Belaseshe

Eng Poster_Bela Seshe (30 x 40 Inch) Op 2.jpg

After almost 50 years of marriage, an old couple announces their decision to get divorced to their three kids. What follows is a beautiful journey of rediscovering the institution of marriage. While the husband thinks that the wife is dependent on him, he realizes after a while that it’s actually him who can’t do without her. This Bengali film is definitely a must watch for the youth to understand the meaning of love.

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