7 Bollywood Movies for Intelligent Cinephiles

Who said Bollywood is all about producing typical romantic movies? Bollywood is so much beyond that, but mostly these movies go unnoticed.

Movies which don’t win any awards at Filmfare or IIFA awards, movies which don’t star any of the Khans or Kapoors or don’t spend much in the marketing of the film.These 7 offbeat movies are for those who want to dig the good part of Indian Cinema.

1. Parzania



We’re sure you remember the Gujarat riots! We often get to hear about it, pretty much because of the opposition political parties (also the talk of town). This movie aptly showcases the insider story of those days and how people were running for their lives, burning houses, burning people, their sufferings and the family damage. It shows a brutal and ugly face of following a particular religion. A must watch for a good set back to history!

2. Ugly



An Anurag Kashyap flick. A film that will keep you hooked, intrigued even!

This movie shows a police case of a missing girl. Here you find the human greed, corruption in the system, how ‘not a celebrity’ is treated. A film that is so real, honest, with no frills, no creative liberties…perhaps the Indian audience might find it too real for comfort.

Or maybe, just maybe, the audience will realize that Kashayp’s ‘Ugly’ is a direct reflection of our society.You couldn’t afford to skip an Anurag Kashayp film

3. Lunchbox


Maybe the most popular among all, this movie goes at a very slow pace where the famous Mumbai’s lunchbox delivery system connects a young housewife to an older man in the later part of his life. You’ll notice a totally different story which is retro and urban at the same time. It is an extraordinary story about very ordinary lives. Avoid only if you really hate slow paced realistic depiction about everyday common lives.

4. Masaan


It is one of the few offbeat Bollywood movies that got released in the cinemas and is a widely discussed movie among cinephiles. This beautifully written and directed movie’s story revolves around the Ganges where four lives intersect which gives an insight into love, life and death. Masaan depicts how friends are add-ons to the family helping one in many ways during all times is what we all can relate to. How one has to walk out of it all as life moves on. You sure wouldn’t want to miss out on this movie!

5. The Blue Umbrella


One of the most beautiful movies that you’ll come across. This movie is an adaptation of Ruskin Bond’s short story and who else does the adaptations better than Vishal Bhardwaj! It shows a life of a girl in small hill-town where her favorite blue umbrella gets stolen. Blue Umbrella is not only meant for children but for everyone who want to see great movies. Pankaj Kapoor adds the sweetness in the movie and you would regret not watching this movie!

6. Sulemani Keeda


TVF fans, we have got some for you as well!

This is a TVF’s movie starring Naveen Kasturia as the lead. Story revolves around 2 struggling writers who want to write for Bollywood. They knock every door to get the producers for their movie. This is the kind of film that makes you want more and the kind of fresh Indian cinema. It’s a movie by TVF, so you can’t afford to miss it.

7. Udaan


Rated 8.3 on IMDb, this movie is definitely among our list of top 10 movies of Bollywood cinema ever. The movie shows a story of an expelled 16-year old returning home to his abusive father and his younger brother. Motwane and Anurag Kashyap’s storytelling technique, as always has been impressive. The movie ends on a great note and is few of the Bollywood movies which has an amazing end.

Let us know how did you like these!



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