The Southeast Asian Mathematical Olympiad (SEAMO) comes to India

In an endeavor to inspire the enthusiastic young minds in India, the SEAMO is all geared to conduct their Olympiad in the country for the very first time. SEAMO is a unique platform dedicated solely to provide resources for students to hone their problem-solving skills and to prepare for more challenging mathematical competitions. The test date for SEAMO in India is 6th August 2017.

An official launch of the internationally acclaimed Mathematics Olympiad for students of Class V – XII was conducted on Saturday, July 8th 2017 at West Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi. It’s a great initiative that aims to cater students of Class V – XII by assessing their problem-solving ability and discovering their strengths and weaknesses

What is SEAMO?

SEAMO (Southeast Asian Mathematical Olympiad) is not merely an Olympiad rather it is aimed at bringing the most creative and youngest mind of the world and preparing them for challenging mathematical operations. It helps to nurture the mental and thinking ability of the students, which ultimately boosts their self-confidence.

Students of Class V-XII are eligible for SEAMO. The Olympiad exam contains a Total of 24 Questions with 3 different sections.  SECTION – 1 contains 8 EASY Questions, SECTION – 2 contains 8 Moderate Questions and SECTION – 3 contains 8 Difficult Questions. It is an Objective Type Exam carried in English only. In this exam, every question carries 4 answer options, out of which only one option is correct. There is no Negative marking though. For sample papers, please refer to the link:

For participating students, SEAMO offer numerous benefits. Firstly, participating students benefit from a National and International Banking. Secondly, since the question paper will be prepared at the same time for India as well as for other countries, the level of difficulty of both exams will remain same. Therefore, this Olympiad will set a clear benchmark for Indian students about their performance as compared to international students.

More importantly, top 0.025% of participating students will win a Gold Plated Medal & a Certificate of Participation, the next 1% will get a Silver Plated Medal & a Certificate of Participation and the next 2% will get a Bronze Plated Medal & a Certificate of Participation. All remaining participating students will be presented with a Certificate of Participation.

Early exposure to an International Olympiad will definitely boost their self-confidence and help them succeed in their career. The Performance Analysis report shared by SEAMO helps the students identify their weaknesses through and improve upon them. This eventually helps them exhibit enhanced performance in successive competitive exams.

The date of SEAMO exam in India is 6th August 2017 and it will be held in 55 different cities.  Last date for registration is 31st July 2017. For further details visit


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