13 things ‘Humorously Yours’ taught us!

Have you ever wondered what a Stand-UP Comedian’s life, looks like? Humorously Yours, took a tour inside the life of a stand-up comic. It showcases, loads of facts about life and here are 13 things HY taught us.

1. A successful artist goes through years of downfall before finally making a big name.


2. Girls archives your fuckups to use them in any future arguments.


3. Sometimes spending some alone time with your loved ones is all you need.


4. Having a weird friend adds fun to your life.


5. Being an artist is not as easy as it seems.


6. It’s important to go back to your college days in between your busy routine.


7. Education is important.


8. Being popular is not what you imagine it would be like.


9. Life will always take away an important part of your life to gift you something better. You’ve to go against the odds to achieve both of them.


10. Corporate jobs are not BORING; they are just different from artistic jobs.


11. Practice is the key. You can’t avoid that.


12. Observe things, you never know where you could get motivated from.


13. Work for it, one day you will definitely achieve it.


If you haven’t watched the series yet, go binge watch it because this cannot be missed!


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