Epics of India, We Indians are Unaware of

The Indian Epics are treasures of Indian literature then why aren’t we aware of the greatest epics barring Mahabharata and Ramayana?  Though Ramayana and Mahabharata were born in India, but they belong to the collective dream of all Asians.

What are our original epics?

Where are they lost?

We bring to you some must read Indian epics which ever Indian should read and be aware of!

1. Cilappatikaram – The Story of an Anklet


An Indian epic written in Tamil by Ilango Adigal which deals with the myth of Kannagi, an ordinary housewife turned Goddess (basically the apotheosis, the conversion of human form into divine form).  The epic manages to mention the three ancient Tamil kingdoms and the life and time of that period very vividly. This epic beautifully traces the love story of Kannagi and Kovalan. But why was Kovalan killed and why did Kannagi burn the city of Madurai? Read the story and find out answers yourself.

2. Shishupala Vadha


We all have read Mahabharata, but are we actually aware of the epic which is originally part of it? Shishupala Vadha, is one of the six Sanskrit Mahakavya or the “Great Poems” and has been widely read as it blends hero-worship and intense devotion in Indian religious landscape. The epic has been acclaimed for its use of ornate style and poetic techniques. So all literature freaks a must read is in store for you!

3. The Buddhacharita


You must be aware of Buddha and his great contributions to Indian society. But do you know that we have an entire epic written around his life history. Buddhacharita is one of the greatest epics which narrates the life of Buddha – from his birth to Nirvana. This Sanskrit epic, was written by Asvogosha, a Buddhist poet in 2ndcentury AD and was renowned for the details about Buddha’s life and the facts available in other chronologies of that period. A good read for all historians!

4. The Raghuvamsa


Raghuvamsa is a Sanskrit epic written by Kalidasa, the greatest among the ancient Indian writers from 1st century AD. The epic revolves around the mythical stories of the Solar Dynasty rulers and corresponds with ancient Indian chronicles. The narrative skill and creative genius of the master poet are very much evident in this great epic. It has unfold some of the unknown Indian myths and customs. If you want to know more about your origins, read on!

5. Siribhoovalaya


Siribhoovalaya is a unique work of multilingual Kannada literature written by Kumudendu Muni, a Jain monk. It throws light on the history of India along with the history of Karnataka. It has been helpful in the development of Chemistry, the Life Sciences in India and the study of Sculpture and Iconography. If the versions of the Ramayana, the Mahabharatha, the Bhagavadgita, the Rig Veda and other ancient texts can be decoded, a comparison of those versions with the present day versions would be rewarding. Some Jain works which have been lost may be recovered from this work. An all in one combo, interesting isn’t it?

Have a great reading experience!


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